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The instance of certain words in Sarah Palin's e-mail archives.


Re: Wow!, 6/10/07

Super story about you in the ADN! It was great. Kizzia could have added so much more about your interesting background, your passion for Alaska, your expertise in natural resources, etc… but what he covered was very good.

Alaska is truly fortunate to have you. Thanks again for making sacrifices and joining this team. Ya’ gotta beleive it will be worth it for our kids’ sake!

You’re a great woman , Marty. Thanks for everything.

Re: Ramras, 8/31/07

Wow- Jay is brutal on Halcro’s talk show right now. I hope he’s crucifying me and not all of you as he tells Alaskans how “ill-equipped” we are to run the state…

Re: Thank you Gasline Team!!, 1/25/08

Wow- this is incredible!!! Thank you for sharing this. I love you guys. And I wish and pray that those who act like ignorant sheep listening to baa’s and blah’s from uninformed, selfish critics of AGIA would wake up to the amazing efforts and success of your team. You are patient and gracious and wise … and so tenacious . I speak for true Alaskans who care to see fairness , justice and a successful resource development plan : you are loved and appreciated beyond words! And we have great faith that you’re on the right path, AGIA is key, and there will be victory for Alaska thanks to you all.

fish (II)

Re: FYI - Mat Su Sport Fishery, 3/20/07

He wants this addressed. He insists F & G is “all Comm fish”. They’re very concerned.

He’s threatening, or promising: “Emergency petition for escapement goals will be submitted for the April 16 meeting (B of F), in the next couple of days.”

This is also coming from Wayne Ross, evidently. (Per Mr. Knowles.)

Just got off the phone with him. He’s ticked.

FYI - phone call I made to him was a courtesy to Wayne Ross - and the phone call didn’t go very well.

fish (I)

Re: Deshka, 1/3/08

Mike- why’d the fish gate ($55g) get cut out of fish and game budget? Out of a $10m budget this isn’t a good cut.

Re: Fuller Cowell and Ed Rasmussen, 5/12/07

Dont know either. Except hes mad that we have “comm fish” biologist appointed to commissioner post. And ed’s more sport fish oriented.


Re: wolves

I didn’t know daily news was already publishing on wolves. Bottom line:state helicopters should be last resort, they’re expensive and take opportunity

from locals.

We need to pay for locals’ fuel, bounty on predators, etc. Until these offers are exhausted we need more aggressive pursuit of incentives provided to those most affected by the predator problem.

Also, curious as to why Board passes buck to governor on this one but not other biological management decisions? Makes it political.

We have to act quickly on this as predators are acting quickly and rural families face ridiculous situation of being forced to import more beef instead of feeding their families our healthy staple of alaskan game.

Nonsense. Unacceptable - and not on my watch.

Todd interviewed buddies who live out there… Some confirmation that state intervention isn’t first choice w/the locals. But we need to incentivize¬†. $ for trappers included.